Case Study

City Foundry

The Challenge

Facing the challenges of a global pandemic and a sometimes-unfavorable city narrative, City Foundry St. Louis needed branding that invited a potentially hesitant city into a new, fun and funky community hub offering amazing food, eye-catching spaces, and opportunities for connection. 

The Approach

By building on the original vision, refreshing brand creative, and streamlining digital delivery, Experience Fresh is sharing the City Foundry St. Louis story with an audience eager to engage.

The Work

  • Website Design
  • Video & Photo Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Email Content

The Solution

St. Louis is a city that is proud of its unique local businesses and loves an excuse to gather. By leveraging the personality of City Foundry St. Louis, which embodies both of those things, Experience Fresh has positioned City Foundry St. Louis to attract visitors, increase event attendance, and generate buzz about this new community gathering space.

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