Arch Grants


Arch Grants disrupted the status quo of economic development in 2012 with a mission to transform the economy – in St. Louis and throughout the world – by attracting and retaining extraordinary entrepreneurs. And since 2012, they haven't slowed down. Arch Grants has created over 2,000 jobs, generated over $400 million in revenue, and attracted more than $300 million in follow-on capital to the St. Louis region.


Each year over a thousand investors, civic leaders, and entrepreneurs pack one of the largest event spaces in St. Louis to raise a glass to the work that Arch Grants is doing in the community. But 2020 was different and the challenge was real -- how do we connect impact leaders and investors in St. Louis to the heart and mission of Arch Grants during the height of Covid-19?


Produce a series of Founder stories that represent some of the cities top startup’s, compile that with a simulated ‘live event’, and deliver a creative experience that matches the innovation of one of our cities greatest organizations. - Production - Content - Marketing


The founder series and the simulated ‘live event’ captured the heart of viewers around our city and platformed Arch Grants and created a source of content that will serve Arch Grants for years to come.


An elegant UI Kit Template suited for Creative Studios, Agencies & Freelancers

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