Garcia Properties


The Garcia family of brands is changing the landscape of South St. Louis with their reinvestment back into the community, and the beginning of their vision was founded with the success of Garcia Properties.


How do you tell and give justice to a story that’s been 20 years in the making? We sought out to tell a 20 year-old legacy story, paired with stories of clients whose lives have been impacted by the genuine care of Garcia Properties, and extend the reach of the brokerage to all parts of the community. We were up for the challenge. 


Through a developed friendship and patio workshops we discovered something profound -- that Garcia Properties is a company that practices what they believe and that the road paved to their headquarters on S. Kingshighway is paved with stories of people who have experienced their vision firsthand. Brand StrategyWebDigitalAdvertisingContent MarketingProduction + Photography


Work in Progress // Follow along at as we watch the work come to life.


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